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Project Description
The 29th Olympic Games will be launched at Beijing during Aug. 08-24 2008. It's a full of expectations thing for all of the world!

I just deliver this program to show us the countdown and the schedule of every sport items.


This application shows how to use the WPF to create a actively WinForm application easily.

This application shows some WPF features:
1. Use the WPF UIElement to build the main UI instead of normal WinForm controls.
2. Shows how to use layout panel to location the elements.
3. Shows how to use data binding.
4. Shows how to use storyboards to take the animations.
5. Shows how to trigger an animation when a property value changes instead of use events.
6. Shows how to update UI with C#( There are many ways to do it, I just use a directly way to invoke. It's not perfect, but I think it's easy to be used ).

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